Material prepared by the partnership between Fundação Toyota do Brasil and Fundepag aims to make the population aware of the importance of Serra da Mantiqueira.

The almanac arose from the challenge of translating the diagnoses obtained with the Águas da Mantiqueira Project to the local population, in order to raise awareness of the importance of the biodiversity that surrounds the Serra da Mantiqueira region. “The challenge is to make Pinhalenses aware of the importance of the place where they live. It is necessary for the resident to know that the Atlantic Forest present there is fundamental for the life of the planet, since it helps in several areas, such as climate, water and even tourism in the city. The material aims to show the values that the forest provides to the inhabitants. It is a special place that needs special care”, says Sueli, who will lead the workshop Science and the Art of Living in Mantiqueira during the event. The workshop will address how to live in a mountain range that is recognized by science as the eighth richest area in terms of biodiversity, with one of the largest stocks of mineral water and the best climate in the world.
The Águas da Mantiqueira Project works thinking about the territory and taking into account all forms of life that, in turn, need food, space and water. The Toyota do Brasil Foundation and Fundepag (Agribusiness Research Development Foundation) understood that, in order to spread this idea, it was necessary to enrich the form of communication with the public. “In order to inform the population about the importance of avoiding the waste of this precious asset, which is water, it was necessary to have several mechanisms, such as journalism, social networks and, above all, books. For this reason, the bet on the almanac, which translates, in a didactic way, all the research carried out in Serra da Mantiqueira. It is a gift that the public receives during FLIMA 2019”, says José Roberto Manna, technical coordinator of the Águas da Mantiqueira project.

Credits: Almanac de Santo Antônio do Pinhal is launched at FLIMA

Art Direction and Execution: Luiza Prado
Agency: Molotov Propaganda
Client: Toyota Foundation