The clip “Papai Chorando” by Fernando e Sorocaba feat Henrique & Juliano is an emotional song that portrays the relationship between a father and a daughter in different stages of life. The lyrics talk about the memories and difficulties that the father faces while watching his daughter grow up, and the song has a soft and touching melody. The video shows scenes from the girl’s childhood, family moments and images of a father taking care of his daughter. The song and video convey an emotional message about the importance of family and the love between father and daughter.

I was responsible for the art direction of the clip.

Data sheet

Direction: Bruno Fioravanti / Screenplay: Pietro Grassia / Executive Production: Pietro Grassia Cinematography: Bruno Fioravanti Camera Operator / Movement: Christoffer Pixinine / Camera Operator: Raphael Nogueira / Electrics: Lucas Vacare / Casting Production: Nicola Peluso / Direction Art: Luiza Prado / Stylist: Roze Motta / Hair and makeup: Flávia Yolo / Makeup Assistant Characterization: Sulamita Frois / Editing: Bruno Fioravanti


Biah Rodrigues Gustavo Verissimo Mayara Brito Nicola Peluso Nina Serveli Lunna Souza