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Banda Camandue – RSKAKAKA

Art direction made for the clip by Banda de Samba Camandue (Technical sheet) Composers: Rapha SP, Jannu Bastos and Juninho Guimarães; Artist: Banda Camanduê; Office: Skye Productions; Label: Musiclan; Photography: Noelia Najera; Production: Juninho Guimarães; Arrangement: Diego Alexandre; Recorded at Studios: BR Som – César Augusto / Ness Brasil
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Karime – Linha Fina

Pre-production, art and object direction, scenography and creation of objects for the music video by singer Karime.        Datasheet Direction, script and post production: Thomas Henne and Pedro Bürgerbräu / Beauty: Fabiola Torolho / Art direction: Luiza Prado / Production: Alessandro Imperador / Lighting: Thiago Zumbi /
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Fernando & Sorocaba feat. Henrique & Juliano – Papai Chorando

The clip “Papai Chorando” by Fernando e Sorocaba feat Henrique & Juliano is an emotional song that portrays the relationship between a father and a daughter in different stages of life. The lyrics talk about the memories and difficulties that the father faces while watching his daughter grow up,
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Catarina Zenaro – Crazy Enough

I was responsible for pre-production, mainly scouting for locations, production and creation of objects, art direction and scenography for the clip Crazy Enough by singer Catarina Zenaro.        Clip Technical Data:Direction: Thomas Henne Pedro Burgerbrau / Production: Thomas Henne Pedro Burgerbrau / Art Direction: Luiza Prado /
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